H2O, Where Did You Go?

Mark and Obediah present the musical revue, “H2O, Where Did You Go?”. This science curriculum based assembly teaches K-6 students about the following concepts in an extremely fun way.
  • The amount of fresh water we each use daily.
  • The difference between salt water and fresh water.
  • How water gets to our homes.
  • How we each can save water.
  • Water is vital for living things.
  • The water cycle.
  • The three states of matter.
  • Gravity’s effect on water.
A+. My students and I loved the performance. I enjoyed the music and the enthusiasm of the performers. They were entertaining and knowledgeable. I loved that they got the students involved because student involvement encourages learning. Finally, I appreciated that the presenters chose students across grade levels.

Lisa Velasquez

rd grade teacher, Mar Vista Elem., Oxnard, Ca.

Stellar assembly! The presenters kept the students attention the entire time. Excellent mixture of comedy, music, and learning. Thank for an outstanding assembly!!

Tim Nordstrom

Principal, Village Elem., Victorville, Ca.

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