Stop, Think, Act School Assembly

The “Stop-Think-Act Assembly” is an elementary school assembly about emotions and behavior – a social-emotional learning assembly. The program is a light-hearted, entertaining show performed by veteran assembly performer, Obediah Thomas. As many school administrators and educators know, if a student cannot manage his or her emotions well, it may result in a lack of focus and diminished learning potential. If a student cannot manage their own behavior, it can be disruptive to others. And if several students cannot control their behavior it may adversely affect the school climate.

“A+. The assembly was interactive and engaging. The songs the presenter sang about different emotions drew the audience in. Having the children go up and get involved helped them keep focus and this will hopefully help them remember what to do when they face big emotions.”

Melissa Gonzalez, second grade teacher, Nevada Avenue Elementary, West Hills, Calif.


Students will leave the assembly with new insights about their own natural emotions. Students will be given positive tools and strategies (such as to “take a breath” or “talk it through”) to deal with a situation or circumstance when they feel anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, or even if they find themselves over excited. Students will leave the assembly fully understanding how to STOP, THINK, and ACT as a method to manage their own emotions in a positive way.


The “Stop-Think-Act Assembly” show uses songs, role-playing, humor, and plenty of audience participation to teach, motivated, and inspire students to be mindful of their emotions and manage their resulting actions.


This production introduces a second character via an onstage television screen. This second virtual character offers the live performer solutions to his emotional issues, without having to lecture the audience. The onstage TV screen is also the show’s opportunity to present key vocabulary and positive slogans in a written format. The performer also provides his own state of the art wireless P.A. system. All performances must be held indoors.

Stop Think Act School assembly about managing emotions

In developing this new assembly, producers Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas took great care to study SEL (social-emotional learning or social-emotional intelligence) and the Zones of Regulations curricula, and have consulted with several school counselors and principals. Additionally, consulting was done with Psychologist and Family Therapist, Robert Stone.


The “Stop-Think-Act Assembly” is ideal for grades K-6 because it is performed as two different versions. One rendition is appropriate for K-3 students and another is performed appropriately for grades 4-6. Naturally, the older students have the capacity to understand more sophisticated concepts.


This is an assembly that is both entertaining and meaningful. This new production will be available for performances starting in late-April 2019. The show is performed solo, by either Obediah Thomas or Mark Beckwith. Please email or call us directly, to schedule.

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