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Razzle Bam Boom is the music and comedy duo of Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas. Since 1999, they have performed shows at elementary school assemblies, theatres, and community venues in California, Ohio, Indiana, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Razzle Bam Boom (occasionally misread as "Razzle Dazzle Boom") also performs seven of their original educational assembly shows in schools on behalf of “Arts Teach” Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Orange County, California. As a duo, Mark and Obediah have performed over 4000 live stage shows.


Mark Beckwith is an internationally published children's singer-songwriter. His credits include hit kid-songs on Knowledge Adventure's (Vivendi-Universal) award winning, interactive-educational Jump-Start series. Mark has appeared on Nickelodeon and the Family Channel. He has won awards from Billboard magazine, the Family Channel, and USA Today. As a professional musician for over 30 years, Mark has toured the U.S. and Canada.

In 2004, Mark founded the production/management company Shows That Teach (Building Block Entertainment Inc.) which specializes in theatrical ecology shows such as “H2O, Where Did You Go?”.


Obediah Thomas has 25 years experience as a professional comic and juggler. He is also a skilled trumpet player and vocalist with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Obediah has also performed internationally from Hong Kong to Chicago and has been an opening act from Kiss to Tony Bennett.

As a solo performing artist, Obediah, also performs two original school assembly programs written by Mark Beckwith and himself: “The Character Counts Show” and “Bye Bye Bully”.

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