Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the maximum size of audience for which you will perform?
We do not stipulate a strict maximum audience size. Usually the school will fill their multipurpose room with a safe number of students. However, the audience closest to the performers will receive the best impression. So we suggest an audience size of no more than 350 students.
1If we schedule more than one performance, how much time do you require between performances?
15 minutes is an ideal break between shows. For example, if you schedule one performance at 8:45am and the second at 9:45am that would work nicely.
1Do you require a stage?
A stage is usually preferred, but not necessary.
1How much space do you need to perform?
Each type of show requires different minimum performing space area. Our largest show The Wright Brothers Musical requires a minimum performing space of 18′ x 18′ because the performers assemble a half scale “Flyer” (as a prop) as a component of the show.
1Can you perform outdoors?
For various reasons we prefer not to perform outside. We do make exceptions, but their may be a slight extra charge to cover prop cleaning and for the extra set up time required.
1What do you need from the school on the day of the performance?
We need to borrow a 6-foot rectangular table. The performers bring their own sound system except when the performers are traveling via airline to your venue.
1Do you have liability insurance?
Yes. Each performer is insured through the Lexington Insurance Company NAIC#19437 for $3,000,000 for each occurrence, though we’re proud that we have never had to use it.
1Do all your assemblies feature Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas?
Most do. Some shows feature Mark or Obediah as a soloist. The promotional photos always reflect the number of performers featured in each show.
1Why don’t you list your prices on your website?
Prices may vary slightly depending on which show you select and how far your school is from our base in Los Angeles County. Most schools cost the same, but a school in San Luis Obispo, for example, would pay slightly more than a school in Santa Monica.
1Do you have references?
Yes. Since we have performed at over a 1000 schools since 1999, we have many enthusiastic references (with contact information) we can email those to you at your request.
1Are your assembly performances more educational or more entertaining?
Honestly, they are both. We have fine tuned our shows to deliver valuable educational messages in a very fun and engaging way. We believe it is a waste of time (and your money) to try to push too much information in a boring way. Our mission is to inspire the students (and teachers).
1Do you give discounts?
We can give discounts if the school is willing to be flexible on date and time of the booking. If you arrange to have another school near you schedule our assembly on the same date, we will give both your school and the other school a substantial discount.
1Do you travel to schools in other states?
Yes, but to be affordable you will need to arrange at least four schools that are interested in booking the same show during the same period of time.
1Do you perform for middle or Jr. high schools?
Typically not. Our humor is really specifically designed for K-6 grades. Pre-K will also enjoy the shows. We do perform for K-8 schools and that mixture usually works fine as well.
1Do you have more information that will help the school deliver an impressive assembly?
Yes. We suggest you read our 10 Tips for a Successful Assembly.
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