Anti Bullying School Assembly

"Bye Bye Bully" School Assembly

This engaging anti-bullying school assembly by Obediah Thomas uses songs, role-playing, and audience interaction to deal with the important topic of bullying. Obediah delicately informs K-8 graders how they can each handle a bully, whether they are the bullied or the bystander. “Bye Bye Bully” defines the “verbal bully”, “physical bully”, the “relational bully”, and the “cyber bully”, but does so in a very light, artistic, and engaging way.

I wanted to let you know that many of the techniques [covered in your assembly] to defuse bullying are being used by the kids. We had a girl that was constantly being teased for the color of her skin. She used to get very upset, but after seeing your assembly she realized that she was giving in to the bullies. She now walks away and ignores them, and now she is getting along better with her peers and is no longer being bothered by the bullies. Thank you again for a great program.

Susan Lasken

Canoga Park, Calif

I really loved this show. I loved how he incorporated technology into the performance and displayed the faces of kids in front of his own face with a portable device-very creative. Loved the “bully box” and enjoyed watching him open it up each time. The singing/trumpet playing was awesome. My class was fully engaged the entire assembly and they too shared how much they loved the show. Such a great message was shared via this show and the students are still talking about it! I also thought it was really great how he showed himself as a bully as well by the end of the show-really made the students think and consider if they themselves had ever been a bully to someone. The teachers even enjoyed being a part of the show and singing the ‘You are [Somebody] Special’ song. A+ show!

Kara Fikstad

Anna Hause Elementary, Beaumont, Calif.

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