Fun Music School Assembly

"The History of Rock & Roll" Assembly

This is a great school assembly program to start the new year, an ideal reward assembly, or just a fun show to give a boost to school spirit. The roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll music go back much further than the Beatles, Little Richard or Elvis Presley. Through musical performance, humor, and audience participation, Razzle Bam Boom explores the early cultural influences that led to this 20th-century phenomenon. This program is a great blend of culture, education, and fun. It's appropriate for grades K-6.

“The folks at the school said it was the best show they have ever had at the school.”

Jean Baughman, Young Audiences Agency

Open this pdf document for how this assembly connects with the California Standards.

“We have had these guys here many times before and they are just a class act (I never worry about anything when Mark and Obediah perform). They have many educational assemblies including the one we had on Friday — it was an AR reward assembly (History of Rock and Roll) and it was fantastic. The kids loved it and there was never a moment during the 45-minute assembly when the students’ attention wandered out of the room.”

Jeff Sipos, principal, Grapeland Elementary, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

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