School Assembly on Kindness

"Kids for Kindness" School Assembly

“Kids for Kindness” is an elementary school assembly that addresses the topic kindness - treating others how we would want to be treated. This fun, inspiring show emphasizes the importance of spreading kindness at school.

“Kids for Kindness” addresses the following:
  • Inclusion
  • Courtesy
  • Acceptance (allow others to be different)
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • It is kind to include others
  • Cyber-bullying (older grades only)
  • Kindness is the solution to bullying
I appreciated that you used student volunteers to keep the students engaged and the puppets were a great change of pace. I asked my students what they enjoyed and they all enjoyed the puppets. The repetition of the message in song, role-play, the personal true stories, and having the banner up for a visual were all great.

Mrs. Clarke, 5th grade teacher, Fryberger Elementary, Westminster, Calif.

Email or call (818) 422-1872 for more information. For performance prices, please let us know your school’s zip code.

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