Stop-Think-Act Assembly

“Stop Think Act” is a social-emotional development assembly that has the objective to help students deal with their behavior when they become overly emotional.

This K-6 grade-appropriate show is performed solo by either Obediah Thomas or Mark Beckwith. Mark or Obediah role-play outcomes of certain behavior with selected audience members. But some behavioral concepts are better demonstrated by the presenter interacting with onscreen characters. The characters are funny and captivating, but more importantly, the screen cartoon characters help illustrate how frustration and anger can start, dealing with conflict, the importance of empathy, and what to do if one becomes over-exited. Additionally, the presenter tells a story so that even years later kids can remember that “Though occasional sadness is natural, it doesn’t last forever.” The performer uses a few original songs to involve the audience with refrains that leave messages in students’ minds such as “Stop, Think, and Act”.

“A+. The assembly was interactive and engaging. The songs the presenter sang about different emotions drew the audience in. Having the children go up and get involved helped them keep focus and this will hopefully help them remember what to do when they face big emotions.”

Melissa Gonzalez, second grade teacher, Nevada Avenue Elementary, West Hills, Calif.

This engaging assembly, “Stop, Think, Act”, can be a great beginning of the conversation on feelings and moods, about how they are natural, but that they don’t have to control us. Once children can get the handle on reacting positively to their emotions, learning can occur.

Stop Think Act School assembly about managing emotions

In developing this new assembly, producers Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas took great care to study SEL (social-emotional learning or social-emotional intelligence) and the Zones of Regulations curricula, and have consulted with several school counselors and principals. Additionally, consulting was done with Psychologist and Family Therapist, Robert Stone. It is an ideal PBIS or Red Ribbon flourish.

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