Student Leadership Workshop

“Stand Tall” is a student workshop presented by Obediah Thomas. It is intended as an additional inspiring hands-on learning experience for fifth or sixth grade students, following either of Obediah’s “The Character Show” or “Bye Bye Bully” assemblies.
Students will learn:

  • The value of positive body-language.
  • How to speak respectfully and with confidence.
  • How to be a leader at school.
  • That younger kids watch and look up to older kids.
  • How they can set an example for the younger kids.
  • Ways the older students can be good citizens at the school.
  • How being a good leader benefits them now and in the future.
  • Why leaders need to be trustworthy and responsible.

Students will be on their feet and active during the entire workshop. Obediah demonstrates why public speaking and good character attributes and actions are important. Students will learn to stand up and speak to a group.

  • Introducing yourself.
  • Speaking to an audience.
  • How to listen and reply.
  • Speaking with confidence.

At the end of this workshop the students should have:

  • More confidence in both personal and public settings.
  • Be ready to present themselves.
  • Be ready to stand up for themselves and others.

The normal length of this workshop is 60 minutes, but it can be shortened, if needed. We recommend the workshop size be limited to about 100 students or one grade level.

We recommend scheduling this workshop on the same day that Obediah Thomas performs either “The Character Show” or “Bye Bye Bully” assemblies. The students attending the workshop will still be excited by the show. Also, scheduling the workshop on the same day as the assembly performance saves your school or organization money. The regular price for the “Stand Tall” workshop is $495. But when you schedule the workshop on the same day as an assembly the price for the workshop is only $295 (in addition to the price for the assembly).

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