Razzle Bam Boom is the performing team of Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas. Since 1999, the duo has performed engaging shows for elementary school assemblies, theatres, and community venues in California and throughout America. Razzle Bam Boom is also proudly affiliated with the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, the Santa Barbara County Children’s Creative Project, and the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center.
To truly engage school audiences, Beckwith and Thomas employ a unique blend of live musical performance, humor, and audience participation. All assembly shows also fulfill many K-6 curriculum common core standards for music, language arts, social studies, and science.


“I think every single teacher by now has approached me to share how much they enjoyed the show and how appropriate and valuable the lesson was. A resounding comment is how masterful you were at gaining control after funny and silly moments – without having to say anything (just the use of your voices or a look in some cases) and how well received the message was. While the show was fun, the message was not lost. Students will remember the acronym and the message of how hard work and perseverance do, in fact, pay off. I have sent an email out to all principals in our district praising the program and encouraging them to sign up for it. Thank you again so much. We will be in touch for another one for next year!”   – Dr. Linda Adamson, Principal, Rose Drive Elementary, Yorba Linda, Calif.


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